Business Growth Plans for 2019 – #2 Top Tips

Business Growth Plans for 2019 – #2 Top Tips

At the start of a New Year…

…a year that will certainly bring profound changes and challenges to those engaged in International Trade, our team of Specialists give their thoughts on 2019 New Year resolutions:

It’s not the products that sell but the people who sell them

Bob Forsyth – International Sales & Marketing Specialist

Understand your supply chain for both inward and outward goods

Mike Court – International trade Compliance Specialist

Learn another language, or make linguistic ability a higher priority in your recruitment.

Chris Marrow – Sub Saharan Africa Trade Specialist

Get your basic business organisation and processes working effectively. That will pay dividends for your international trade activities as well as your business and staff overall.

Frances Fawcett – Export Coach, International Marketing And Licensing, North America

Invest in getting to know your customers and markets

Alistair Elder – Market Entry & Client Engagement

Global Trade Compliance polices and procedures are complex and somewhat expensive, but if you think compliance is expensive TRY non-compliance!

Humphrey Henry – International Trade Compliance Specialist

Make exporting a proactive choice; see the opportunity, recognise where your strengths lie and, use experienced experts if needed to help achieve your goals

Linda Middleton-Jones – International Marketing Strategy, Export Coach & Mentor

Wherever your company wants to go, whenever it chooses to do so we are there ready to help!  Make International Trade Matters your natural choice in 2019.

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