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Documentation Toolkit

The international trade document template pack that makes compliance straightforward…

Import and export procedures are required to maintain standards and ensure compliance across companies involved in international trade. They are required to support any HMRC or ECJU audits. They aid the development of any business by mitigating the risk of disruption to its supply chain or customers.

Make your international trade journey as simple as possible.

The experienced specialists in trade compliance at International Trade Matters have created a toolkit that consolidates several useful templates that are fully customisable and are there for you to adopt and adapt within your business. They will provide clarity on the complexity of some procedures, responsibilities for those directly involved in the import or export of products, and provide evidence of due diligence.

What’s included in the international trade document pack?

  • Compliance Statement Template
  • Port of Entry Letter Template
  • Port of Exit Letter Template
  • Record Keeping Procedure
  • Origin Procedure
  • Customs Valuation Procedure
  • Tariff Classification Procedure

Each document is prepared with fields for your company-specific information in a fully-editable Microsoft Word (.docx) format, enabling you to apply your own headers and branding.

Having these templates available to determine roles and responsibilities, provide evidence of due diligence gives an additional reassurance that your procedures are documented, actions recorded and monitored

What does it cost?

The bundle of 7 document templates is available at the introductory price of £750+VAT

Payment required in advance.

To purchase the documents, please fill in the form below and you will receive a VAT invoice that can be paid by BACS or card. Once payment has cleared, you will be sent the document pack.

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