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Global Trade Blueprint

Powerful tools for business recovery, growth and internationalisation

Explore and unlock potential within your organisation using a detailed, visual tool to establish current and future state, leadership signatures, pathways and opportunities.

Global Trade Blueprint Programme is an intensive one-to-one workshop series, relevant for business leaders at any stage in their journey from start-up/recovery through domestic development and first experiences of importing/exporting to growth across international markets. Moreover, it enables you to prepare your business strategy for an uncertain world.

  • Examine the architecture of your operation, overlaid within global context, matching specific skills to specific challenges and identifying gaps to take advantage of opportunity and limit risks.
  • Understand your teams and cascade leadership roles to increase effectiveness and autonomous, agile behaviour.
  • Develop resilience and preparedness for the unpredictable as a sustainable business of the now and for the future.

Adapting leadership in what is an increasingly volatile trading environment will optimise engagement and avoid disruptions and barriers from geopolitical and geo-economic forces.

Let go of existing models and embrace the seismic shifts in trade and customer expectations.

Global Trade Blueprint is a new way to be more adaptive and creating a springboard for growth by encouraging nimble teams and players fully aligned and supportive of the aims of the company.


The Global Trade Blueprint suite of business tools and techniques incorporates various methods to achieve and understanding of global operations and market analysis, establish strengths and opportunities, assist with systems and change management and achieve success through international trade.


Establish and assess current and future states, updating them dynamically as your strategy develops to provide a collaborative, detailed visualisation with your entire team.

What our clients say:

“…we got very busy, very quickly.

I just wanted to give you an update on our progress, most of which is thanks to the foundations that you helped me to build. We’ve won contracts with the NHS, MoD, Amazon, Sony and around 1000 other customers…

…we are about to pivot the brand to build a new wearable that still accounts for social distancing and I am holding interviews all of next week for a number of positions to scale our growth…

… We have sold in 50+ countries now and have only ‘sold out’ of products once…”

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Get in touch with Global Trade Blueprint Lead, Linda Middleton-Jones below to find out how you can establish a resilience and market growth strategy for your business.

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