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International Trade Compliance

Customs declarations, documentation and understanding buyer/seller responsibilities form a vital part of your ability to trade with other countries.

This has always been the case, and companies that have traditionally imported and exported regularly have been required to learn, and align with, specific obligations and processes. Now that the UK has left the EU, despite the existence of a free trade agreement, many businesses have had to implement new processes and learn how to produce the required documentation for goods to leave and/or enter the country.

What do WE know?

The team at International Trade Matters includes specialists with decades of experience in trade compliance, customs declarations, documentation and standards to help you navigate the new requirements for trading with the EU or to better develop your worldwide trading efficiency and compliance.

Preparation is key

If you left the house to go abroad on holiday without packing the right clothes, tickets and passport, you probably wouldn’t get very far…
…You wouldn’t have a very relaxing vacation if you made it to your destination either.

Preparing your systems and documentation for international trade can help to prevent last-minute snags and deal-breakers when you go to market. At best these will slow you down, at worst, you can lose valuable customers and/or incur unforeseen fees.

How can International Trade Matters Ltd help?

Whether you’re just starting as an importer or exporter or have an established operation, the specialists at International Trade Matters are able to assess your processes and provide expertise for every stage in the journey. This can include guidance on good documentary practice to ensure shipments don’t incur costly delays, choosing the right Harmonised Tariff Codes to avoid overpaying duty and understanding buyer and seller risks and responsibilities.


Here are just a few of the compliance areas where International Trade Matters provides expertise:

Shipping & Logistics

AE Status

AEO Status

Security & Insurance

International Law

Incoterms® 2020

Export Documentation



…and much more…

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