Video: How do you prepare for the uncertainty of Brexit?

Our latest video introduction presents some of the ways smart companies are preparing for Brexit, despite the clouds of uncertainty

Smart companies are preparing for Brexit by enhancing their export skills and leveraging the UK USP, from a reputation for quality and creativity. Building on existing relationships with buyers and suppliers whilst opening new doors through innovation and development. Smart companies are embracing export in these uncertain times. Are you?

Linda Middleton-Jones is an export specialist at International Trade Matters Ltd. This video provides a brief glimpse of her article; How do you prepare for the uncertainty of Brexit?

The second in a series of short taster videos prepared for us by Design Inspiration

Being Prepared

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Controlled goods: export from 1st January 2021

by Mike Court, International Trade Compliance Specialist Changes to documentation, licences and exemptions for controlled goods are due to take place following the Brexit transition period. The UK Government maintains that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit is still very much on course and so the deadline remains 1st January 2021. …