International Trade Matters Ltd

Developing Overseas Business

Entering new markets, growing sales in existing territories and achieving global potential

  • You have the product (or service) and scalable capacity, but where are your clients?
  • You have existing trade connections and business, but targets to increase sales in these markets.

Business development and international marketing specialists are on hand to provide specialist knowledge, expertise and guidance to help you achieve, maintain and increase your overseas orderbook.

International Trade Matters supports your organisation to develop trade opportunities, analysing new markets, organising delegations and making introductions. The team delivers a range of standard and bespoke, integrated packages that cover elements such as the following:

Researching Your Market

Export Strategy

International PR

Supply Chain Development

Agents & Distributors

Missions & Delegations

International Marketing

Establishing Overseas Offices

Product Licensing

A wealth of experience, combined with access to a number of key trade organisations and services presents the best possible opportunity for an international trade relationship to develop for your business.