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Headed by Managing director, Linda Middleton-Jones the International Trade Matters team comprises decades of experience in import/export processes, global supply chains and overseas business development.


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    Linda Middleton Jones LLB(Hons) MIEx
    Managing Director

    International Marketing Strategy, Export Coach & Mentor

    Linda has more than 25 years’ experience in international commerce across manufacturing, nuclear and aviation sectors from her base in South West England.

    She is an accomplished professional with extensive overseas know-how. A graduate of the University of Plymouth and Universidad de Barcelona (LLB{Hons}) and a Member of the Institute of Export (MIEx(Grad)), she also has qualifications gained from both CMI & MIT Sloan in Leadership and Team building.

    Most recently, she has pioneered the creation of the highly successful Global Blueprint Programme which is specifically designed for businesses preparing to begin their exporting journey or develop global markets though a unique blend of holistic business analysis and planning tools.

    Linda has organised, led and participated in successful missions and welcomed delegations to the South West by facilitating introductions and networking opportunities. She has been responsible for promoting specific sector developments in Europe, Russia, the Mediterranean and Central America.

    Her expertise has allows her to guide her clients towards exporting strategies covering routes to market through market research, smart procurement and contract compliance. Adept at recognising and guiding sustainable international growth she introduces continual improvement tools through the Export House methodology she developed.

    As an active member of the Institute of Export Linda took the role as Chairman of the Academic Board in 2018 a role that required governance of delivery and awards for qualifications in International Trade. She is also the Export Expert for Innovate UK in the South West and is a founder member of SIITACE – the Society for Independent International Trade and Customs Experts.

    Frances Fawcett MInstLM, MIEx
    Export Coach, Marketing and Licensing

    Frances has worked both within, and with, large global corporations and small businesses and frequently internationally.

    After almost two decades with IT companies including Borland International, Canon (UK) and Microsoft Corporation, she spent a number of years providing marketing consultancy and global programme management to a variety of small and large companies.  This included global management of a licensing programme for Microsoft Corporation.

    In 2007 she became the co-owner of a small manufacturing business in Somerset that designed and produced products sold all over the world.  From their team of around 20 employees they developed their own product lines and also produced products under a global license.  This led to her joining the team working to establish the Somerset Manufacturers Group and participating with the South West Manufacturers’ Network.

    Having always had a keen interest in personal development, Frances is now providing coaching, training and support services to owners and managers in any of her areas of expertise.  These include general business management, exporting, doing business globally especially in North America, licensing, marketing, project and programme management and leadership skills.

    Professionally Frances is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management, and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning and her areas of expertise and interest spill over into her personal life where she is a volunteer Scout Leader holding local, district and county roles including that of County Leadership and Management Trainer.

    Mike Court MIEx
    International Trade Compliance

    Mike provides International Trade Compliance expertise, having worked for 20 years with two US based multinationals.

    Prior to working in the private sector, he served in the Royal Navy for 22 years as a logistics expert.

    He holds a degree in International Development and a certificate in advanced customs compliance. He is a full member of the Institute of Export, has a Green belt in Continued Process Improvements and is a Committee member of the Devon International Trade Forum.

    Mike has completed many varied projects over this time in the International trade area and his expertise covers the following:-

    Mike offers extensive experience of designing successful procedures for daily operation of International trade staff, and implementation of International trade audit procedures for companies.  He also provides face to face staff training on International Trade matters.
    Mike believes that with some robust procedures in place covering both International Imports and Exports, companies will be able to demonstrate a vigorous yet flexible trade compliance program to withstand any outside agency audit of their records and procedures

    Lesley Batchelor CBE
    International Trade Strategist

    Lesley Batchelor OBE is a champion of UK exporters, with a powerful track record in enhancing the international performance of hundreds of businesses.

    Known as a force of nature within the industry she has changed many businesses fortunes in terms of exporting and helped to promote the need for to professionalise the approach we take to trading globally.

    From a blue-chip background, she worked as director general of the Institute of Export (IOE) for 12 years promoting professionalism and the need for qualifications and support for businesses. Co-Chair of the Bribery Act 2010 Scrutiny expert panel working with DFID and the Gov. Anti-corruption Champion; advising on APPG Advisory Panels on Trade & Investment and Manufacturing and Select Committees supporting SMEs. ICC/WTO MSME trade negotiation. WTO Alliance & Trade & Investment Committee.

    With invaluable expertise in intellectual property, global licensing and marketing Lesley has been awarded CBI Real Business First Woman in Business Services and CEO of the year from Trade Association Congress in 2015.

    Lesley is often sought out for comment on Brexit and international trade issues writing thought leadership pieces for many journals, TV and radio stations.

    Nick Patrick
    International Trade Compliance

    From customs and regulatory compliance, to licensing, contracting and risk mitigation, Nick brings exceptional value to clients with his experience and understanding of the international trade process.

    Besides his technical trade roles, Nick’s skills in global business development, sales and marketing enable him to gain a deep understanding of a company’s needs in any environment.

    Having achieved a BSc at university as a sponsored student, Nicks first job was based in Cape Town led to a role as Southern African agent for a multinational UK Chemical Company. 4 years later, the Yorkshire-based company asked him to return to the UK to develop their global markets, spending many years travelling around the world finding suitable agents, distributors and business partners in all manufacturing regions of the world.

    In 1996 he started a business which involved manufacturing under licence for a European PLC.  The factory, based in the Middle-East, manufactured processing chemicals for a range of manufacturing sectors. Sales were expanded globally and his main role was to overview the manufacturing process from a technical angle, but also was responsible for global sales, marketing and shipping.

    Nick has been involved with the International Trade Centre in Sheffield since 2013 and draws upon his global business development experience to help companies in all aspects of international trade, importing and exporting. For the last 8 years he has focused on global customs compliance, Customs authorisations such as AEO, AES, Customs Warehousing, IPR, import and export declarations etc. 

    He is a speaker at international trade events and often is found in lecture theatres of universities and colleges talking about the practicalities of importing and exporting from setting up contractual agreements, pricing, risk and compliance. 

    In 2019 he successfully steered the international trade centre to AEO accreditation and has help several large companies to become Authorised Economic operators.

    Dave Hopkins
    Intellectual Property Specialist

    Dave spent more than 20 years working for the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) which is the government body responsible for Intellectual Property in the UK.

    He has held a number of key roles within the organisation including policy, business outreach, communications and stakeholder engagement. He has; 

    He is passionate about IP and how it can help a business succeed in a competitive marketplace. 

    He can help explain how intellectual property impacts on a business and also help them identify potential next steps to develop an IP strategy which aligns with their business plans, KPIs and goals.  He can also detail how IP can offer opportunities to grow through brand extension, further market penetration, licensing and taking the business internationally.   

    David Peña MIEx (Grad)
    Retail, Licensing & New Markets

    Born in sunny Barcelona, David studied business management at the University of Barcelona, took French and English official exams to add them to his natives Spanish and Catalan.

    He believes that being able to do business in the language of the counterpart is a key aspect that secures success.

    His professional career has mainly progressed within the retail sector: from stores to business development, from wholesale to licensing but always with an international taste: opening new markets for companies in all continents, setting up stores in Peru, Brazil, US or Japan or attending trade shows in Azerbaijan or Germany.

    David has a long experience in working with culturally different companies and opening new markets in not familiar countries for European companies.

    Within the licensing industry, David has worked on both sides of the table, as a licensor and also as a licensee, which gives him a full understanding of the sector. He has dealt with partners like The Smurfs, Ministry of Defence (UK), Royal British Legion or Asmodee.

    David holds a Level 5 Diploma in International Trade from the Institute of Export where he is a full member and was awarded twice in his graduation ceremony including the Prize for Academic Excellence from the Worshipful Company of World Traders.

    Nigel Irvine BSc (Hons), MIEx
    International Business Development

    Nigel is an experienced and trusted business development professional.

    He possesses 30+ years’ direct, practical experience of developing product sales and related services in national and international markets.  He has held senior international roles in the global construction, mining, agricultural and energy industries, having worked with Terex, Massey Ferguson, Textron and Shell.

    He now enables UK and Irish companies to achieve their home grown or export driven growth aspirations.  

    Most recently Nigel was, for 14 years, the International Sales and Marketing Director with Terex Finlay, an Irish based construction equipment manufacturer, whose international annual sales grew from US$ 40m to US$ 100m, despite experiencing two major recessions and a global pandemic along the way… 

    Srishti Jain MSc (Hons), MCMI, MCQI
    Global Life Sciences

    Srishti Jain is a dynamic and forward-thinking professional, driven by her unwavering passion for patient well-being and a fervent commitment to elevating healthcare industry standards.  

    With a robust background in life sciences and a wealth of knowledge, Srishti has emerged as an advocate for fostering growth, facilitating international trade, and propelling new businesses to success within the global pharmaceutical arena. She has a proven track record of skilfully managing diverse aspects of the business, driving success, reducing costs and streamlining processes for organisations, whilst ensuring high-quality standards are maintained throughout the supply chain. 

    Her adeptness at navigating complex regulatory landscapes, coupled with her innate understanding of diverse cultural dynamics, has empowered numerous enterprises to successfully expand their operations across borders. Her expertise has allowed her to traverse the intricacies of drug development, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance with astute precision and has played a pivotal role in forging strategic alliances between pharmaceutical entities from different corners of the world (collaborating in different geographies including the EEA, USA, Australia, Middle East, China and India).

    Srishti is relentless in her pursuit of business strategy optimisation, and highly experienced at navigating the intricate web of international pharmaceutical supply chain. Her efforts have accelerated the availability of life-saving medications to populations in need.  

    Recognising the need for continuous improvement, she has taken on roles in collaborative forums, industry associations, and regulatory working groups like the CQI, CMI and has championed initiatives that promote transparency, integrity, and the highest ethical standards.  

    In a rapidly evolving industry that spans continents, Srishti is committed to raising industry standards, promoting international trade, and nurturing emerging businesses. Her unparalleled dedication to creating a more interconnected and innovative pharmaceutical ecosystem positions her as a transformative force, ushering in a new era of global health and prosperity.

    Paul Walters
    International Trade Compliance

    With almost 5 decades of experience, Paul has worked in the logistics, supply chain and manufacturing sectors and has also worked directly for Chambers of Commerce.

    He is a self-motivated and  experienced individual with a broad range of experience. He is well-travelled with experience of dealing with clients from both home and overseas and is at ease in building business relationships.

    Since 2014 he has worked as an International Trade Specialist supporting SMES, offering guidance and expertise on a variety of projects, tailoring support packages to suit their particular needs. He has also developed a series of training modules for both the University of Bradford School of Management and local authorities.   

    Paul particularly enjoys working with companies that need to grow, to discover and exploit new markets or to develop new products to give them a further competitive advantage.