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International PR

Undertake international PR campaigns and navigate risk, cost and cultural challenges

Thanks to the digital age, we have entered a new era in global media campaigns, and it has NEVER been easier to implement.

Winning over international customers using professional PR tactics, calls to arms, case study features, tactical research, facts and figures, opens up new income streams and the return on investment in terms of leads, copy, campaigns – allowing sales to speak for themselves.

International Trade Matters Ltd can provide:

  • Tailor-made campaigns
  • Language micro-sites and time-zone-specific media releases
  • The benefit of working with a global specialist
  • Experience with international online media platforms
  • Access to a network of global journalists
  • Excellent research, and understanding of B2B, and B2C topics, publications and media outlets
  • In-market testing with exhibitors & exhibitions, networking with businesses and international organisations

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