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Document Review Service

International trade document review service

Your commercial invoices and shipping customs documentation checked and reviewed by specialists in import/export compliance

Your documents accompany your goods on their overseas journey and are the tool that provides the information needed to ensure that journey is as efficient as possible. They will be used by carriers and customs officials to help them decide how your shipment is handled, what taxes or duties may be payable, and how they will be paid.

Complete and clear documents are absolutely essential to the smooth passage of goods through busy ports and customs offices.

The International Trade Matters Document Review Service benefits from years of experience of what works successfully – and what doesn’t – to help you build documents that will help the transit of your goods.

How does it work?

How the International Trade Document Review Service works:

  1. Complete the form below and upload your document(s)

  2. We will send an invoice for payment prior to the review

    This can be paid by bank transfer or credit card

  3. Once payment has been received your document(s) are sent to one of our International Trade Specialists for review

  4. Your Specialist will contact you by email to organise a 30 min review feedback call

  5. During the call your Specialist will talk you through the recommended updates to your documents

    We’ll use our experience to give you the most up-to-date advice and guidance to our knowledge!

  6. After the call your Specialist will provide a written checklist showing the changes that are needed

    this can often be helpful if changes are needed to internal system to ensure complete and clear documents

    I would like to request a review of the attached documents at a cost of £75+VAT (for one document, plus £50+VAT per additional document) by pro-forma invoice, payable by card or BACS transfer

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