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International Marketing

Building your brand a new home in a new country

Taking into account language, culture, technical and sociological changes is imperative when identifying an International Trade Marketing Strategy.  The principles of marketing are well known but when planning campaigns in a new or existing market then those principles resemble a game of chess – but in 3 dimensions!

Whether a campaign is designed to use the traditional methods of paper-based marketing material, through social media or a mixture of both it is important to be aware of the differences of meaning and styles. Identifying the pitfalls of getting it wrong is a good way to focus the plan especially as marketing in another country is a costly exercise. Your company may want to conduct its campaign at arm’s-length, staying in your domestic country while you approach your target market. Others will want to visit your target market, to attend trade shows, specialist fairs or to recruit agents and distributors who will sell your products in market.  Whatever your approach, it is necessary to identify the route to market through segmenting the market, defining the KPI’s and, determining the investment.