Navigating recent shifts in the UK Steel Industry

Navigating recent shifts in the UK Steel Industry

Recent changes in the UK steel industry have prompted the need for reflection and adaptation.

The construction of new electric arc furnaces (EAFs) at Port Talbot works represents a noticeable move towards greener steel, and progress towards sustainability. However, the announcement of job losses highlights ongoing challenges faced by workers and businesses connected to the steelworks further downstream. It also means that the UK could be the only country in the G20 without the ability to produce steel from raw materials.

Global events, such as the Russia-Ukraine conflict, have impacted the supply chain further with additional restrictions on certain Russian iron & steel products processed in third countries, This affects steel imports and adds even greater complexity to the whole of the UK steel industry’s operations and supply chain.

As countries adjust their trade policies in response to geopolitical tensions, the steel industry must adapt to evolving circumstances. Collaboration, innovation, and a focus on sustainability will be key in charting a course for the industry’s future.

Jackie Smith has expertise in developing international metals markets and achieving trade compliance from more than three decades in the steel industry.

She has been involved in diverse processes and sectors including steel manufacturing, recycling, energy industry (including oil & gas, gas turbine, nuclear, and renewables) as well as aerospace, automotive, and food processing.

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