Chris trained as a deck officer with the prestigious Port Line and has spent much of his life working with ships, boats and waterways in different parts of the world.

Chris-marrow-sub-saharan-expertMuch of his work has been innovative, and in order to fulfill tasks he has set up companies, thereby creating experience in the operation of small businesses, and for many years he lived and worked in different parts of Africa. He:

  • Founded and ran new inter-island ferry routes in the Northern Isles of Scotland, thereby changing the pattern of inter-island transport in the region.
  • Ran a fleet of landing craft to feed displaced people along the coast of Mozambique during the civil war.
  • Founded and ran a charity specialising in marine operations for disaster relief and development.
  • Explored the river network between Malawi and the Indian Ocean after it had been closed for 22 years because of conflict.
  • Undertook the pre-privatisation study of the shipping company on Lake Malawi and then took it over from the Government and ran it as a private company.
  • Undertook studies in Tanzania, DRC, Sierra Leone. Nicaragua, etc.

Back in the UK, Chris was asked to add his marine knowledge to the Heart of the South West Business Forum, and in due course was elected the chair of what then became Business Forum South West. He co-ordinates a wide variety of business development projects, but continues to work extensively with Africa and with marine projects in different parts of the world. He has extensive high-level connections in a number of different African countries.

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