Different Cultures – Presenting Similarities

Different Cultures – Presenting Similarities

We often think if we present our business to different cultures we need a different approach.

Well maybe not as different as you might think.

Guest writer, Trevor Lee explains…

Regardless of who you are presenting to and where you need to engage, educate and enthuse your audience, you need to devote plenty of time to preparation and planning, including researching your audience and their expectations for your presentation.

Make it feel personal.

If you have a specific time slot it’s discourteous to go over time, whether you’re in Leeds or Lisbon or Lima – serious practice and being ruthless with your content will help ensure you don’t overrun.

Only include content that is relevant to the outcome you are hoping your presentation will achieve.

And no-one, regardless of where they are based or how you are delivering your presentation, wants to have to sit through a series of slides full of words, jargon, complex diagrams…

Don’t forget that humour is a great business connector…

…just don’t try and force it – humour is best when spontaneous so don’t rattle off a series of ‘jokes’.

Finally, your audience will want to enjoy your presentation – so be ready to enjoy delivering it.

Trevor Lee is a UK based business presentation and sales pitch coach who works with companies and individuals. For the last six years Trevor has broadcast on Mondays the ‘Better Presentations More Sales’ podcast.