Trade Terms booklet download

Trade Terms booklet download

Over 300 international trade terms explained in this FREE online guide.

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The International Trade Matters Jargon Buster, previously only available in hard-copy is now available to download for free – fill in the details below to get your copy!

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The complex world of global trade comes with its own language and a whole host of long-winded expressions that are often abbreviated or turned into acronyms so it’s easy for even an experienced trader to become lost amongst the plethora of words and letters. The team of specialists at International Trade Matters have assembled some of the most used import and export terms with their meanings in this handy guide.

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Find out more about our skills and training services or business development services for businesses looking to grow through international trade. You will also find articles on this site written by our team of experts, including a special white paper by Frances Fawcett that examines the business fundamentals underpinning good operations, whether domestic or global.

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