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Getting the Business Fundamentals Right – White Paper

Getting the Business Fundamentals right

by Frances Fawcett, MInstLM, FITOL International Trade Specialist

Export success depends on many factors. Some you can’t control, but others are part of good business practice. This white paper looks at some of the considerations you can make closer to home to ensure a strong foundation for good business, domestic and overseas.

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Table of Contents

  1. First, Get The Basics Right
  2. The Business Plan
    1. Why have a plan?
  3. Communications; communications; communications
    1. Make it cultural for everyone
    2. Companies need to communicate too
  4. Change Management
    1. Relish change
  5. Get the Processes right – every time!
    1. Write it down
    2. Share it
    3. Review time
    4. Some processes are different
  6. Commit to getting the basics right
  7. About the writer