The complete strategy tool for export and growth is here!

The complete strategy tool for export and growth is here!

Introducing Global Trade Blueprint – a comprehensive and structured approach to developing business in overseas markets.

Bringing together well-established methods and models, such as Sensemaking and Lean, Global Trade Blueprint (GTB) helps business leaders to analyse the strengths and weaknesses within their organisation, develop strategy and achieve success in overseas markets, having become truly “export ready”.

Delivered through a series of one-to-one workshops, GTB follows a path designed to establish current capabilities, competencies and capacity, charting a path to sustainable and effective overseas trade.

An ultra-current business programme

With absolute relevance to today’s economic climate, GTB incorporates resilience and risk-management through global context, helping to strengthen supply chains as well as market opportunities.

It’s like putting your business through an express MBA designed specifically for international trade, with lasting benefits that run throughout an operation.


A series of four text books form the backbone of the programme, which is brought to life by an experienced business expert with access to a range of tools that can be tailored to your situation.

Who is it for?

GTB is perfect for small/medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), particularly manufacturers that wish to begin or improve their overseas presence as an avenue for growth.

How long does it take?

The main programme is usually delivered over the course of a month in a series of four half-day sessions, followed by a suite of training to cover some of the identified needs within the analysis.

What are the outcomes?

  • A clear strategic vision of which country to approach
  • A dynamic visual management map
  • Enhanced or improved skills in importing and exporting
  • Connections for further support, advice or training
  • A template for further expansion

Download the GTB flyer here, visit the GTB page and contact International Trade Matters using the form below to find out more!

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