Global PR during lockdown

Global PR during lockdown

Global PR specialist, Kevin Kelway looks at the challenges, opportunities and hope brought about by the Corona Virus Pandemic

We are now facing some of the toughest business challenges in a generation, and every day we are seeing more alarming news stories.

It’s crucial more than ever during these uncertain times of home curfew working, of no meetings, face-to-face chats, networking, events, promotions, presentations, and social gatherings because of the COVID-19 virus, to ‘Keep-the-PR-Home-Fires-burning’ online.

The iconic First World song of ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ was not only a melody that is compelling, but bridged the physical and emotional distance between the trenches and the home-front. 

The words speak of hope, and invoking a community spirit and nostalgia, and is never more important 100 years later, in a Pandemic War we are all fighting together across the globe.

Yes, like many other business folks I’m concerned about my company, finances, and the well-being of other companies and partners I work with. And all the risks and uncertainties, together with the health worries around these unprecedented business times.

In this period of social distancing, and of enforced working from home – it is giving time and space to appraise my business models, look at potential new opportunities, plan new projects, and craft new relationships with a massive, visible, and attentive global audience online.

With all the difficulties, challenges and fear, we are also seeing in our communities some of the fantastic elements of humanity, with hope and optimism when this health and economic crisis is over.

Now, 100 years on, the continuing resonance of Keeping the Homes Fire Burning reminds me also of the sacrifices made for our freedoms, and especially my family members working in the amazing NHS, Armed forces, and Police service working on the frontline during this epidemic.

Kevin is a International PR & Marketing specialist at International Trade Matters and Managing Director at Dorcas Media