Import/Export ‘Virtual Free Zones’ are here.

Import/Export ‘Virtual Free Zones’ are here.

‘Virtual Free Zones’ using cutting-edge-technology will support local businesses to cut red tape on import and export procedures.

A team of international trade specialists have come together to create a new training programme designed to open the door to this groundbreaking facility.

The ‘Virtual Free Zone’ programme will benefit all UK companies alongside the exciting new Free Ports initiative announced by the Government recently,” says Linda Middleton-Jones, Managing Director of International Trade Matters Ltd.

“International Trade Matters has brought together top legal, technology and trading experts to produce a ‘Virtual Free Zone’ training programme. The objective is to help business cope with new post-Brexit customs procedures and to understand whether Simplified Customs Procedures can benefit them by delivering cashflow advantages or savings on import duties.  The training programme is approved by the SME Brexit Support Fund, meaning that it should be cost-neutral for participating businesses.”

Through the programme, UK wide business leaders and organisations will learn how to qualify for and operate Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, opening up benefits similar to those offered by the Customs Sites within the new coastal Free Ports. “We’ll equip them with the knowledge and tools to guide them through the process of attaining ‘Trusted Trader’ status, for the operation of Customs Freight Simplified Procedure; or CFSP,” Explained Linda.

Emerging technology expert, Jonathan Bowker, who is the owner and developer of the ‘Virtual Free Zone’ system and Chief Executive of Innovative Integrations, said: “We have designed and delivered award-winning solutions in several sectors of businesses over the years. But the  Virtual Free Zone technology stack utilises Artificial Intelligence to automate legacy processes and remove paperwork from trade and compliance operations. We expect this technology driven solution to be well received by traders in this Post Brexit era”

Mr Bowker went on to say “The ‘Virtual Free Zone’ training programme will clearly explain the cost savings and efficiency gains made available through HMRC Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, and Inward/Outbound Processing and Customs Warehousing. It will also simplify the Trusted Trader application process for those seeking to take advantage of them.”

“Innovative Integrations brings visionary companies together to transform the way their sectors operate through technology. It is about building smart business networks through collaboration, innovation, and data integration, and that’s why this first of its kind programme with International Trade Matters is the countdown to the ‘Virtual Free Zone’ lift-off.”

The programme will be jointly led by Free Port and international trade legal expert Malcolm Dowden, a commercial lawyer with more than 25-years’ experience in international contract law, supply chain and technology issues.

Miss Middleton-Jones, added: “If you’re a UK business with up to 500 employees, with a turnover of no more than £100 million, and you import or export goods between Great Britain and the EU, or move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland then you are eligible to apply for training and advice with your costs covered by the Government’s SME Brexit Support Fund.”

For more information about the “Vitual Free Zone’ programme contact the specialists at International Trade Matters today!

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