COVID-19, Brexit et al

COVID-19, Brexit et al

Linda Middleton-Jones has some thoughts on the personal and business implications of the current situation…

Many people around the world are reeling from the speed in which everything has changed seemingly overnight.

New reports bring us the latest death and infection figures, a cold and impersonal measure that ignores the personal grief and sorrow of families across the world.

It is an appalling thing, made worse by the fact that it is invisible, it is indeed an invidious enemy.

We are in contact with people around the world and they, like us, are facing similar challenges. There are common concerns, frustrations – both significant and small that can be seen across cultures and geographies. There is talk of a new world order based on the many acts of kindness, in effect a rebalancing of what is important, indeed what has always been important, our family, our health and having enough for our needs. 

While many people are restricted in movement at this time, a surge of on-line platforms have come into their own.  They have become an integral part of everyday life, whether for personal, family and friends or, for business purposes.  Social media too can provide another lifeline into feeling connected rather than living and working virtually

Historically there has always been a tendency for people assuming that their actions are not noticed, needed or appreciated.  We see it now in that those deemed as unskilled or low paid are being seen as heroes.  There must be a lesson in that for all, in every society. Many key workers have been applauded and recognised, rightly so.  Others such as those working in customs, those processing customs documentation, those working as freight forwarders remain diligent in keeping the doors to and from UK open, but are generally unseen and unrecognised. They too are key workers, they always have been and will continue to be so as we move forward to a post-Covid-19 and post-Brexit world.

I think we will see borders change as those countries with aggressive tendencies will take advantage of the weaknesses of others.  That is however a human failing and we can see that at a micro as well as the macro level. We will see businesses fail (sadly) and we will see the ‘winners’. I think we will have some surprises about who those might be. What is most important is that we look to the future using the lessons we have learnt throughout this year.

We need to embrace the tools of our new world, to make the most of our situations in spite of the many challenges.

Consolidating your life or your business right now and being creative about what you want it to look like in the future is key to being ready.

How is lockdown affecting your business? What are you doing to prepare for the next phase? Let us know!

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