Controlled goods: export from 1st January 2021

Controlled goods: export from 1st January 2021

by Mike Court, International Trade Compliance Specialist

Changes to documentation, licences and exemptions for controlled goods are due to take place following the Brexit transition period.

The UK Government maintains that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit is still very much on course and so the deadline remains 1st January 2021.

Companies currently exporting, or wishing to export, controlled goods to the EU can and should apply for licences now, using the links below.

How are controlled goods affected by Brexit?

Here is some information for key categories:

Military Items:

No proposed changes are planned to the export licensing requirements from the U.K other than minor legislative fixes, businesses involved will need to continue to apply for an export license using the existing SPIRE system as you do now.

Exporting Firearms to the EU:

Individuals will no longer be able to take personal firearms to the EU using the European Firearms Pass, because this will no longer be available in the UK.

An exemption exists that applies to the temporary firearms as personnel effects to the rest of the world this will now also cover exports to the UK.

If you want to take firearms as personal effects to the EU you will need to make sure that the destination country would also permit the import and re-export of the firearms in question.

If you are a dealer or exporter in firearms you will need to continue to apply for your licenses via the SPIRE system as you do now.

Dual Use items:

The overall framework on how these are managed and licence via SPIRE will not change.

However, from U.K. to EU and Channel Islands you will need a new export license issued by the U.K Government.

The Open General Export Licence (OGEL) for exports of dual use goods to the EU will remove the requirement for you to apply for individual licences and can be used immediately.

An EU export authorisation/license issued in one of the 27 member states will no longer be valid in the UK. New licenses will be required to move EU products to the UK. The EU Council has proposed to add the U.K. as a permitted destination to the union General Export Authorisation (GEA) EU001.

Mike’s advice:

As a specialist in international trade I would strongly recommend that if you are involved in the export of Dual Use goods to the EU member states that you enrole in the OGEL to ship those goods to the EU. Once enrolled you are able to use the authorisation immediately.

Of course we are on hand should you need help and training on dealing with these new regulations.

Links for further information and licence applications:

UK Export Control Overview:

Dual Use Goods:

Online Licensing System (SPIRE):

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