Why is it important to join a Chamber of Commerce?

Why is it important to join a Chamber of Commerce?

We are fans of Chambers of Commerce and choose to take membership with several of them.

Do we have favourites? Of course we do! They are the Chambers of Commerce that support international traders.

So why should you join one?

You may not be aware but if you are a member of a Chamber of Commerce you can get a special price on any documents you may need relating to international trade. They also offer great rates on British Chambers of Commerce accredited training – covering such interesting topics as import & export documentation, inward & outward processing, agents & distributors, and letters of credit to name just 5 out of the 11 available.

But there is more.

The Chamber international trade teams are great. They support their members and those who are yet to be members; they provide other events that include webinars and networking opportunities – many free of charge. We work with many Chambers to provide that extra level of support on a deep dive into the vagaries, issues and challenges faced by our intrepid importers and exporters. It is a really good partnership and something Chambers are good at.

Additionally, Chambers are interconnected globally with their overseas business networks – offering extra advice and support for overseas expansion. They also lobby government and, collect information in their quarterly surveys that helps drive and inform international trade.

We are delighted with the contacts we work with at Accredited Chambers (you know who you are!) and look forward to continuing those relationships in 2024 – why wouldn’t we?