Healthy eating whilst travelling

Healthy eating whilst travelling

If you are a frequent traveller, you would like to maintain energy levels, avoid jetlag, and feel your best!

But you may have noticed that it is quite difficult to eat well on planes, at train stations and motorway services… Here are a few tips on how you can help your body stay well and reduce the effects of jetlag!

Guest article from Nutrition and Wellbeing Specialist, Carola Becker

Start with hydration. Always take a bottle of water with you. The air conditioning in cars and planes dries out the air so your body needs even more fluids than usually. Aim to drink at least 500ml every 2hrs. Dehydration can worsen your jetlag. Take an empty water bottle through security at the airport and refill it.

Additional fibre from wholegrains and pulses will fill you up nicely.

Eat a light diet, high in fruit and vegetables and low in saturated fat before and during travel to keep your energy levels high. Additional fibre from wholegrains and pulses will fill you up nicely.

Try to reduce sugar in snacks. Take fruit or vegetables like apples, pears, carrots, cucumber, or celery in a container. Nothing too juicy or fragile like peaches, melons, tomatoes etc. Remember that dried fruit are very high in sugar, even though they travel well you may want to take only a few.

Make your own quick low sugar energy balls and you have a great snack available!

Avoid alcohol and caffeine during your trip, it contributes to dehydration and can interrupt your sleep.  Depending on your time of arrival, you may use caffeine to make it through the day:

Forget your old time zone… …stay awake until the early evening…

‘Forget’ your old time zone and adjust to the new time zone as quickly as you can. If you arrive during daytime, stay awake until the early evening (here, a coffee can help!) and then go to bed in the early evening.

Travel safely and stay healthy!

Carola Becker – Nutrition and Wellbeing for thriving teams!