Getting The Basics Right – Part 3 – Change Management

Getting The Basics Right – Part 3 – Change Management

by Frances Fawcett

This is the third in a series of four blogs looking at some fundamental areas of business, sharing the background to the ideas explored further in a White Paper: Getting The Business Fundamentals Right which can be downloaded below.

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“The only thing that is constant is change”

…the famous quote from Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher.

That’s true in business and if it isn’t, you need to worry!  Businesses don’t stand still, they either go forward or go backwards.  If a business stands still, the market, their customers and their competitors – and frequently, all three – continue to go forward so the business effectively goes backwards.

Therefore, business needs change and needs to be really good at accomplishing it.  But when was the last time you were trained in how to accomplish change?  Or trained your teams?  As part of my Business Fundamentals series of blogs this topic can’t be missed.  Change management is one of those core skills that each and very one of us needs in life and at work.

Some people love change, they thrive on it, but for others, it’s daunting, unsettling and sometimes downright scary.

These feelings often manifest as worry, reluctance and sometimes resistance that could even be categorised as sabotage.  Deliberate sabotage is rare in business in my experience – most people have good intentions.  But unconsciously sabotaging a project is unfortunately much too common and frequently just an outcome of people protecting themselves from the change they fear.

Wouldn’t it be easier if the culture in your business welcomed change?


If it relished the opportunities that change brings and even sought the next new and exciting project with drive and enthusiasm.  If your teams asked you at each company meeting what the new project was for this month, or quarter, or year?

Being open to change, embracing the opportunities it offers and having a team ready to leap on new projects paves the way for improvement, better ways of doing things, growth and new successes.  Effectively managing change should be in the DNA of your company – invest in skilling your managers and teams so they can not only accomplish change, but actively go looking for it.

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Getting the Business Fundamentals right

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Getting the Business Fundamentals right

by Frances Fawcett, MInstLM, FITOL – International Trade Specialist

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