Global PR – the NEW rules

Global PR – the NEW rules

International media relationships can be hard, but….

Change is all around us, and yes, that includes global media relations.

International PR Specialist, Kevin Kelway provides some top tips

In every country there are ever fewer journalists – and getting their attention is becoming much harder these days. Every local newsroom is seeing time and resources cut, and responsibilities increase. Journalists are bombarded with bad emails pretending to be media releases – when many stink, and end up dumped in the electronic dustbin. Because of social media, objective writing is diminishing, replaced with a more combative, in your face journalism.

For many businesses, it is difficult to establish what represents the meaningful media.

  • How can you make the right choices in this turbulent media storm?
  • What are the modern rules of PR and marketing engagement in the international market place?

At International Trade Matters we can help with all your PR, social, and marketing and provide expertise and advice in the global media village.

Some simple PR tips for the tool box:

  • Be a voice of reason
  • Share inspirational or best practices 
  • Send out quality media pitches that are personalised to journalists
  • Augment great PR with content marketing

The famous Motto: Nobody watches the media like the media – and never more so with online media watchers.

Nobody watches the media like the media – and never more so with online media watchers.

Get in touch with Kevin and the team at International Trade Matters to find out how Global PR could transform your export business:

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