Family firms exporting across the globe

Family firms exporting across the globe

International Public Relations Specialist, Kevin Kelway takes a look at the family firms making a huge impact on the international stage…

There are around 5 million family firms in the UK which represent around 85% of all private businesses…

…and they collectively employ over 13 million people, with family firms generating 28% of the UK’s Gross Domestic Product and export overseas, according to Managing Director of Family Business United, Paul Andrews.

Mr Andrews says,

“With over 20 years working with family companies, we recognise the importance of family firms and campaign for their recognition in the UK, especially their success working in export markets across the globe,”

South West family businesses add billions of pounds to the region’s economy and account for over £1.4 trillion annually to the UK GDP, and the sector is being recognised more than ever.

In the South West family businesses like New Wave Marine are working flat-out during the Covid-19 crisis, and has recently taken on a new commercial drainage manager, Andy Aldred, to oversee new investments in its drainage and decontamination solutions operations to grow the business on UK and overseas stages.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, many family businesses have been getting creative, looking at business models, sharing best practices, looking at future collaborations, and being positive like the Fresh Air Group in Plymouth, which helps international companies with audio marketing and Podcasts.

At my own PR company, Dorcas Media, we will be launching our PR online magazine next month to celebrate the successes of our clients, partners, and businesses working on the global stage – and proud to be a family business celebrating 7 years of trading on 13th June.

Mr Andrews adds;

“Family businesses are driven by strong values, integrity, passion and a desire to serve the needs of their customers, and especially families handing over businesses to the next generation, and adapting, and constantly evolving business models that stand the test of time. But never more so than now during the Covid-19 crisis,”

“The South West has some great family firms and working on the national and overseas stages.”

“Rodda’s, St Austell Brewery, Thatcher’s Cider, Wyke Farms, and New Wave Marine, are all great family firms. Add to the mix the independent, family-owned stores and farms that have been in families for generations with local food producers, and you start to understand the flavour and impact of family firms on daily life wherever you are in the world,”

 “Family businesses are a real force for good, and at Family Business United we not only recognise this – but champion their cause,”

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