The divide – campaigning and debate…

The divide – campaigning and debate…

As the debate and campaigning surrounding Brexit gets exceedingly nasty over which statistic/fact or forecast is right or wrong, I have been thinking about the cost to UK from the schism’s that are appearing between party members.

Until now we generally saw a great respect by party members for each other’s contribution to the economy and social wellbeing of our country.  Yet what we are seeing is a divide in opinions through this debate that will have a profound effect on the future of this country, whatever the result of the poll.campaigning-debate

There are countless examples of peoples living in unity and then being torn apart by strong beliefs, a continuing theme of present day conflicts.  We in the UK though have always prided ourselves on our pragmatism, our ‘Englishness’ and our rule of law – a solidity broken only by the occasional scandal or emotive social issues.

So how will the scars of strongly opposing views affect our future governance?  I do not know but I am worried.

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