Somerset eBook out now!

Somerset eBook out now!

EU Transition Somerset: Charting new territory

The publication reports on the outcomes and conclusions from fully-funded EU Transition clinics delivered to Somerset businesses between December 2020 and March 2021

International Trade Matters Ltd was asked to conduct a series of clinics across Somerset in order to understand the aims, ambitions and challenges of companies that wished to continue, or start, trading in Europe; assessing the needs of each company to provide practical and relevant support in building capacity within the county of Somerset.

EU Transition Somerset - Ebook 2021

As an accredited International Trade Trainer for the British Chambers of Commerce, International Trade Matters Ltd has delivered training and support across myriad sectors, offering expert advice on customs compliance and navigating the often complex issues following the UK’s exit from the European Single Market and Customs Union.

The clinics afforded us the platform from which to address and examine the challenges businesses are confronting from a range of industries throughout Somerset, and this ebook covers the need-to-know answers for their continuing trade with the EU since departure.

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This ebook considers the position of businesses involved in International Trade across Somerset, as a result of leaving the EU, effective as of the 1st January 2021.

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