SIITACE – a voice for independent international trade & customs experts!

SIITACE – a voice for independent international trade & customs experts!

Launched today (17th November, 2021) is a new Society of Independent International Trade And Customs Experts – SIITACE

This represents a new, fresh approach to looking after the interests and values of this vital independent sector.  Specifically offering real help to the International Trade Community through our founding members specialist knowledge and experience covering all aspects of overseas trade including promotion & market entry; business support; international sales and marketing; customs; tax & vat; warehousing; trade finance; and logistics.

“At a time when independent expertise in doing business on a global scale is very much in demand, this is a very welcome development for the industry and the companies that rely on private sector services such as ours. Having an organisation that brings together some of the greatest minds and experience amongst private-sector international trade specialists can only be a positive development for UK industry.” Linda Middleton-Jones, Managing Director, International Trade Matters Ltd.

Who runs SIITACE?

SIITACE is a Community Interest Company established to encourage collaboration and best practice within the international trade and customs disciplines. Our directors and founding members have many years of real-life experience in global trade and customs. We seek to attract a membership from all aspects of overseas trade beginning with experts in business support, sales and marketing, customs, tax & VAT, and logistics but growing in the direction our membership decides. It’s your society so, for that reason as we grow, it will take the shape needed to fulfil the business needs of international traders, importers and exporters.


Freedom to offer impartial support and advice

As a non-public sector organisation, not tasked to achieve government targets, we have the freedom to offer impartial support and advice to our members and to the wider international trade community.

Become a Member…

Our members have access to the knowledge and experience of fellow members from all areas of the international trade spectrum. We are here to help and support each other.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Support of like-minded professionals
  • Access to our knowledge bank of resources
  • Opportunity to contribute to debate and discussion on how we can work together to improve the provision of international trade advice within the private sector.