Internationalisation of media strategies over the next decade

Internationalisation of media strategies over the next decade

International Public Relations Specialist, Export Advocate, and Journalist Kevin Kelway, talks about the new media opportunities of internationalisation over the next decade

2020 is the year that Brexit spells an opportunity for South West & UK businesses to become part of a new era of ‘internationalisation’

The world is, indeed, globalised and nothing can-or-will stop that in an increasingly cross-border trading world.

Now is the time to look at your PR, media, and marketing strategies and prepare for the opportunities that are occurring.

More than ever, ‘creativity’ is the key to float new services or existing brands in an increasingly connected, global marketplace.

PR and marketing success is definitely not smoke and mirrors, but is about generating results for your company, and that is where International Trade Matters Ltd can champion your communication strategies.

International Trade Matters (ITM) comprises a host of diverse, global experts and can offer world-class results, based on their experience and qualifications.

Internationalisation of a company’s PR and marketing delivery needs to be agile, flexible, nimble, affordable, with international PR becoming the norm if you want to promote your brands and products, taking into account different cultures, languages and jurisdictions.

The specialist teams at ITM are here to help build your reputation with cost-effective, adaptable PR, media, and marketing plans with one-to-one advice, plans, and media relationships that span the globe.

We treat our clients and your brands like our own, and community is at the heart of what we are about, especially learning from each other, ‘bottom up and top down’ to create the perfect relationships in working together for success.

Brexit spells opportunity.

ITM can act as your customer on the global stage and be your bridge to the real world in this new and potentially exciting decade.

For more information about how ITM can help with your PR, media, and marketing strategies, CLICK HERE, or contact the team below.

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