Make export trade your new year’s resolution for growth in 2018!

Make export trade your new year’s resolution for growth in 2018!

Brexit dominated the headlines in 2017 and many will have made affirmations to move on in the coming year. It’s clear, however, that the UK’s global trade position will continue to be a subject of discussion well beyond 2018. UK Export will also be a subject of great opportunity in 2018 for those willing to embrace it with the renewed energy that the turning of a year provides…

There is something exciting about beginning anything.  It heralds a new way of doing something, something that wasn’t there before, usually something better, or more focused than the ‘old’ way of doing.

Many companies will, like us, have reflected on 2017 and assimilate what went well, what didn’t quite work and, what they have learnt.  At Middleton Jones we had an interesting year, valuable in that we established, and maintained great relationships with stakeholders, companies and individuals all of whom have expertise and interest in International trade.  We grew our team and extended our cover to match need and opportunity.

Many organisations will have already planned for the coming year, whether that be in growth of markets; diversification of products (or a mixture of both); streamlining or improving processes; preparing for GDPR or other legislation.  Yet as we begin 2018 there is no doubt that across manufacturing or service sectors that companies will have to be prepared to adapt as more change emerges, bringing both opportunity and challenge.

Across the world we see fundamental changes in Europe, America, Africa, India and the Far East, all of which will provide new or improved trading potential for companies intent on making growth their purpose for 2018.  For that brave new world, we all need to make sure we are agile, that we understand the implications and the potential of change.

For Middleton Jones, this means that we must adapt and be ready to meet that change head on. We are changing our name to reflect the opportunities that we see emerging.  From the 1st of January 2018 we will be called International Trade Matters Ltd to more accurately reflect our purpose and offering.  We will continue to offer advice, support and encouragement to companies who wish to consider and/or improve their international trade options and hope to support you in your international aims whether that be with advice on exporting right through to acquiring AEO status or providing an out-sourced Export Manager service.

We are excited about 2018!

International Trade Matters Ltd – Formerly Middleton Jones


International Trade Matters Ltd is based in the South West of England offering international trade services across sectors, geographies and disciplines.  Our strength is in the fact that we are an independent company offering expert advice and support to companies engaged in, or interested in, overseas connections or business.  With a raft of Specialists offering expert advice on entry to new markets and international marketing strategies, International Trade Matters Ltd offers bespoke packages designed to provide value and satisfaction through clear communications, messaging and metrics. We offer an unparalleled knowledge of local, regional & international contacts and networks, an in-depth knowledge of international trade documentary requirements matched against a real recognition of regional strengths and constraints. Our aim is to match aspirations of growth through to success for every company we work for.