Access a network of Export Trade Specialists at International Trade Matters Ltd to help your UK company to develop and sustain growth through overseas markets.

We offer one to one or, one to many, advice, support and encouragement. A range of services to support your aspirations include:

Export House: 

A phased approach for the new to export customer using a building-blocks principle.  For those that have some experience in UK export trade, a pick and mix option is available:

Export Mentor: 

International Trade Matters Ltd provides one-to-one support for those directly involved with the exporting function.  This could involve a visit every month to establish a trusted source of advice, advice through a dedicated helpline, or advice on how to respond to queries.

Bespoke solutions to provide your company with assurance of process, feasibility and sustainability.

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Now, more than ever, expertise in global trade is essential to business growth. With Brexit on the horizon, International Trade Matters Ltd can offer companies in the South West access to a network of specialists in markets throughout the world and expertise in foreign exchange, economy and international trade compliance. Cornwall, Devon and Somerset boasts a rich manufacturing and exporting heritage which will be key to success in a brexit and post-brexit Britain.

Experience is second to none at International Trade Matters Ltd. Our in-house specialists boast extensive and diverse careers in foreign trade. Our wider network of contacts allow us to put you in touch with a limitless supply of advice and mentoring.

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devon-chamber-export-trade-courses-training-advice-brexitAccess export training with our specially tailored workshops and courses.

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