International Trade Training Courses – 2021

International Trade Training Courses – 2021

Trading internationally in 2021 will be a more challenging landscape for many companies, are you prepared for what Brexit may bring?

We are delighted to once again be working alongside local Chambers of Commerce across the UK to deliver half day, online training courses throughout 2021.

Improve your understanding of imports & exports –  Learn about managing overseas business – Discover documentation & customs procedures – Understand international payment methods, and much, much more…

These courses have been specially designed to help your business by teaching you the essential skills required for trading internationally after the UK has left the EU from 1st January 2021.

Several courses also match the British Chamber of Commerce accredited trade course syllabus. Each of these courses offers one credit towards the BCC Foundation Award in International Trade and candidates attending six or more courses and obtaining six or more credits receive the Award.  Look out for the BCC symbol.

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Course subjects:

Understanding Exporting

The UK is only 4% of global GDP so 96% of the world’s market could be open to you. The world is more and more connected, so it is easier than it has ever been to trade internationally. This is an introduction to Exporting and the practical considerations needed. The course covers the requirements of sales and purchase orders, an introduction to Incoterms®, packaging considerations, general compliance issues and commodity codes. The importance of export documentation is explained, along with sources of help and guidance.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.


An introduction to Incoterms® and their importance to international trade. Understand the history and purpose of Incoterms®, how they are used, the practical issues to be considered, and sources of additional help and information. Commercial matters will also be discussed including the impact of Incoterms® on costs and profitability. The definition of each Incoterm® will be covered as well as practical topics such why EXW is not suitable for international trade. An understanding of Incoterms® is fundamental to international trade.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Export Documentation

An introduction course providing candidates with fundamental skills and knowledge to prepare and process the documents required for exporting goods overseas. It is fully supported with user friendly and up-to-date notes (including copies of completed documents) to ensure the skills learned can be used effectively back in the workplace.

During the introduction course candidates will study the principles and current industry practices required to ensure that they can process documents thus ensuring they operate both legally and cost effectively. They will understand the documents required for international shipments and transportation and where to go for further help and advice.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Methods of Payment

This introduction covers the five main types of payment for International Trade. Including the types and levels of security, what can go wrong, top tips for success every time UCP600/ISBP plus the changes coming in January 2021 along with sources of help and advice.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Documentary Letters of Credit

This introduction course covers the eight main types of Letters of Credit used in international trade from advance payment, including Sight Documentary Collection, Documentary Letters of Credit. It includes the use of Bills of Exchange with and without documents.

Over 75% of first presentations to banks against Documentary Letters of Credit are rejected, resulting in delayed payments to exporters, additional costs, and breached delivery deadlines. This introduction course is suitable for all staff who need to have a clear understanding of the procedures required to ensure payments for goods sold on documentary credit terms. Knowledge and understanding are reinforced through the use of exercises, tips on getting the credit you want and working examples of documentary credits.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Import Procedures

This introduction course is aimed at those involved in the importing of goods. The course will cover import documentation and procedures, commercial considerations, the importance of your purchase order, calculating VAT and duty, and how to reduce import customs clearance delays. Incoterms® and their impact on importing will be shown, along with an introduction to duty regimes to help importers.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Customs Procedures & Documentation

This introduction course is aimed at anyone involved in international trade who needs to understand customs. The course will cover the role of HMRC and practicalities such as goods wholly produced in the UK, use of documentation including the EUR1, free circulation, AEO, VAT responsibilities, and the impact of Incoterms®. The course also provides an introduction to customs entries, classification of goods, valuation of goods on import duties, taxes and the Union Customs Code (UCC).

Preference Rules of Origin

This introduction course is aimed at those involved in the administration of international trade to ensure an understanding of rules of origin, product classification and item valuation to meet the demands of international trade in both exporting and importing. Understanding origin, tariffs and valuation is essential for correct calculation of taxation and duties, and mistakes leading to non-payment or underpayment are considered a serious matter by HMRC. They also lead to duty reliefs, so getting this right could save you money.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Agents & Distributors

This course is designed for sales teams, administrators and managers planning international growth through Agents and Distributors overseas. The course covers the differences between Agents and Distributors, advantages and disadvantages of each, what to consider when appointing them, and an introduction to the legal implications. The course will also look at the importance of harmonising all sales channels so if you are already selling through these third parties, there is valuable information to learn about doing this effectively.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Inward & Outward Processing

If you transport goods into and out of the UK for maintenance or other processing, this course explains the HMRC regimes that will enable you to save costs. The course help you understand the advantages of claiming IPR and OPR, how commodity codes help, the documentation required, and whether AEO may also be helpful for your organisation.

This is a BCC Course and will count towards the BCC Foundation Award.

Incoterms® for Sales

Incoterms® facilitate trillions of dollars in global trade each year. Incoterm rules are selected during sales negotiations and form part of the sales contract. This course covers the history and purpose of Incoterms®, how to use them correctly, practical issues to be considered, and commercial matters including the impact on costs and profitability. There are examples of how to use the rules effectively and an explanation of why EXW is not suitable for international trade. The course also includes tips for reviewing Incoterms® with customers and how to best advise your customers. An understanding of Incoterms® is fundamental to international trade.

Export Strategy & Tactics

The UK represents a small percentage of world trade, so export offers significant growth potential for businesses. This course looks at the practicalities of planning for export including identifying markets, commercial considerations and assessing the role of various areas of the business. Sources of help and advice are included, and the course introduces compliance requirements that will need to be considered.

Export Quotations & Sales

Getting your Quotation right first time is extremely important as it sets the expectations and obligations for both customer and suppliers in an international contract of sale.  Understanding exactly what should be included in a response is vital to ensure smooth trouble-free transactions.  Through the design and creation of a bespoke quotation template the competency of an international trade department will be increased and enhanced.

Export Controls

The UK government has several reasons to control the export of goods, depending on the nature and destinations of the proposed export.

Anything which is on the UK strategic export control lists must have a licence before supplying to someone outside the UK (except for exporting most ‘dual-use’ items to EU countries).  

The control lists include finished items or systems, raw materials and components.  This course will also review the US Export Controls, International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) which may be imposed on UK companies.

It aims to provide delegates with a basic understanding of UK & US Export Controls and the implications of non-compliance.

Your tutors

The courses are delivered by highly experienced international trade specialists Frances Fawcett and Mike Court

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