International Trade Forum

International Trade Forum

International Trade Forum


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Development of International trading opportunities comprises one of the most important routes to building a strong economy in the county.

On the 19th November, as a part of The Gloucestershire Business Show will be the International Trade Forum.

This International Trade Forum brings together professional advisors in the area with businesses who have experience in import & export and businesses who are looking to grow their business internationally either from scratch or developing on existing

The International Trade partners with The Gloucestershire Business Show create a discussion forum that allows business small and large, across sectors and with different levels of experience to share thinking and experience with a view to grasping and exploiting the opportunities that global trading present.

Business Insights is an online festival. It embraces a wide range of topical issues each year and will offer the audience more choice than they can fulfil. From the online exhibition, through to the wide-ranging content, they invite you to choose what is right for you, spend time building relationships, be inspired by new ideas and thoughts and come back next time to tell them how it went!

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