Let’s talk ATA Carnets

Let’s talk ATA Carnets

As we look forward to an easing of Covid restrictions in 2021, international marketers, touring shows and performers will be looking to return to business as usual. As International Creative Industries Specialist, Odette Barnes explains, there may be some important new steps to take when travelling to Europe which will help you to avoid costly delays. Read on to find out more

Have you got any international trade shows lined up next year or perhaps a tour or production?

If so, no doubt you’ll have equipment or items you want to return with.

When you take goods, items or equipment, into and back out of a country, a temporary export passport is required – called an ATA Carnet. These have been commonplace for many exhibiting and touring outside of the EU, but from 1st January 2021 may be required for temporary exports to Europe from Great Britain as well.

ALL items or instruments used or needed for the following will require an ATA passport of their own, i.e;

  • Tours & Concerts
  • Exhibitions/Trade Shows
  • Film & TV productions
  • Theatre/Opera/Ballets
  • Museums/Galleries
  • Competitions & Tournaments
  • Plus a myriad of others

Carnets allow you to take your equipment in and out of most established countries. Their specific function is to eliminate duties and taxes that would otherwise be liable to import costs, and to make life easier by simplifying customs procedures.

Carnets provide an easy entry, exit, re-entry, and allow for multiple use during a 12 month period.

Carnets are reasonably straightforward, although getting them wrong can prove costly and cause hold ups. Certainly don’t go without, that’s even more of a headache!

I can arrange them for you, I simply need to know where, when & for how long you are going, with a list of the goods or equipment you are taking.

Any questions?

Odette and the team can guide you through all aspects of international trade compliance to make sure you’re on track and up-to-date. Contact us using the form below, or give us a call.

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