Baking-in good strategy

Baking-in good strategy

Exporting is like making a cake. That comment might surprise you, but it is true.

If some of the right ingredients are missing, you could have a disaster on your hands.  It is not enough to have a cake that looks good on the outside but is soggy in the middle, it needs to have the right ingredients, be baked for the right amount of time and at the right heat.  Even cakes we buy can be disappointing leading to a resolution that you will never buy that cake again!

Exporting is the same, there are so many ingredients or parts to the whole that missing something out could prove costly at best.  It is not enough to have a good product and/or a great team.  Neither is it enough to think that America is waiting for your products or services.  Companies that don’t flex and examine their own competency, capacity and capability are unlikely to succeed in overseas markets where credibility is key.  If communication channels are not in place, it could cause your export cake to collapse completely.  Currency and payments needs to be determined before approaching customers and if you have never heard of Incoterms® then you might find yourself paying for more than you should.

Aligning your strategic ambition to the right overseas markets in this time of uncertainty needs exploration of new innovative approaches, this is exactly why we have created the International Trade Matters Global Trade Blueprint Programme to make sure exporters or potential exporters have the very best chance of success.

Here is what one of our customers said after following the programme:

“Linda’s support via international trade matters was extremely insightful and stimulated a number of useful discussions and led to changes in strategy, process and personnel in order to prepare for internationalisation.”

Harry Thirkettle, MyMHealth

Participants will be introduced to a dynamic management tool to help them make sense of internal and external forces, obligations and aspirations before approaching or strengthening market share.  It is for Directors and Senior Managers who are keen to build on domestic or limited international success whether that be with cakes or not!

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