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ATA Carnet

The ATA Carnet is an international Customs document which allows the temporary importation of goods to a country

This might include professional equipment, commercial samples, educational materials or even custom-made vehicles travelling to countries which are part of the ATA Carnet system.

Since 1st January 2021, carnets have also been a requirement for temporary admission to the EU. You are likely to require an ATA Carnet if you engage in trade shows, exhibitions, sporting competitions and symposia, as well as a variety of other activities.

It simplifies the customs formalities by allowing a single document to be used for clearing goods through customs in the countries that are part of the ATA Carnet system. Without an ATA Carnet it would be necessary to go through each country’s customs procedures for the temporary admission of goods e.g. lodging a temporary import bond.


As your Carnet Specialist, International Trade Matters provides full support from setting up to discharge

What is required from you is simply the name of the person travelling with the Carnet and the name the Carnet is to be lodged against (as they will hold the liability), the countries being visited, and a detailed equipment list which we will guide you through.

Carnet application

  • We will make sure that your list contains all the information needed to satisfy the Chamber’s requirements.
  • We will verify the items on the Carnet are in free circulation and inform you if not.
  • Then we will submit your Carnet to the Chamber for authorisation and organise for it to be issued then subsequently delivered to you.

We will e-mail just before the period that your Carnet expires to remind you that the ATA Carnet is due to be returned.


Carnet discharge

The original Carnet must be surrendered when the goods are re-imported into the UK.

  • Once you have returned the used carnet, we will check it to make sure it has been used correctly.
  • If queries are likely to be raised by the Chamber of Commerce, we will advise you accordingly.
  • If it is unable to be discharged because it is incomplete or has been used incorrectly, we will work with you to resolve the issues, liaising with the Chamber, and Customs if necessary.

The necessary security

In all cases Carnet holders are required to provide a security that relates to the value of the goods being temporarily exported. This is dependent on where you are visiting, for how long and the type of goods. Security can be provided in any of the following ways:

  1. Banker’s draft or cash (refundable once the Carnet has been returned and discharged)
  2. Bank Guarantee from Bank of Scotland plc, Barclays Bank plc, HSBC Bank plc, Lloyds Bank plc, National Westminster Bank, TSB Bank plc, Santander UK plc, Standard Chartered Bank, The Royal Bank of Scotland plc – Or;
  3. You can pay a non-refundable premium via the Carnet Security Scheme operated by the London Chamber of Commerce (similar to house insurance). Using CSS, a non-refundable, one off payment provides a ‘while-you-wait’ processing service and there is no ‘freezing’ of assets or funds.

Additional Support

  • We can help organise replacement carnets, additional vouchers and amendments to countries to be visited should they fall outside the original stipulations.


Check out the ATA Carnet Q&A help page

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