Spotlight on: The global fitness industry

Spotlight on: The global fitness industry

…rising to the coronavirus challenge

This month, Kevin Kelway shines the Spotlight on World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) champion Wesley Grant and his South West business ‘Big Granty Fitness’ and the changing international fitness sector.

As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, the fitness industry almost overnight had to revolutionise the way it operated from traditional gyms and outdoor activities, and adjusted to the new realities of offering online workouts, classes, fitness and beauty advice that is now truly global” – says international bodybuilding champion, Wesley Grant. 

The international fitness industry is estimated to be worth over £74 billion every year, and the new changes to the global health, beauty, and fitness sector are making big online stars and entrepreneurs from the world of keeping fit and the body beautiful. 

Mr Grant, runs his own international website entitled ‘Big Granty’ based out of Plymouth, where clients from around the world are looking to shape up with an international bodybuilding champion, and receive tailor-made keep fit workouts, health, and diet plans. 

Wesley is the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) number 2 champion

Wesley is the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) number 2 champion and took second place in the world, in the Bahamas last year. He is now looking to win the number 1 title in London next year.

‘Big Granty’ offers tailor-made packages to transform people’s lives and bodies with diet plans, weight loss programmes, toning up, and building muscle, to increase fitness and body transformation packages.

Wesley, said: “The new fitness norm in the global marketplace is exciting and I’m looking to run and expand my health and fitness business full-time. Interest from around the world is phenomenal.” 

“My Instagram profile alone is generating over 40,000 followers worldwide, and the appetite for my health and fitness blogs, newsletters, and e-books is attracting a massive global audience,”

38-year-old, Wesley, was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and served with the Royal Marines for over 7 years until 2013.  He made British tabloid news earlier this year with his incredible life story at cheating death 10 times, surviving being stabbed, set on fire, carjacked, a serious bicycle crash, and a parachute malfunction skydive that could have ended in disaster when he was an airfield adventurous training instructor. 

Wesley served with the Royal Marines

He was shot at by the Taliban during two tours of duty in Helmand province and also by pirates while protecting cargo vessels transiting around the horn of Africa. He miraculously recovered from a stroke and still works part-time as a close protection officer for top A-list Hollywood celebrities who often call him for regular protection as well as members of the British Royal Family. 

“I feel like the luckiest man alive with an angel overlooking my shoulder with my wife Holly and two children being the inspiration that drives me every day,” said Mr Grant.  

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