Introducing Nigel Irvine, Business Development Specialist

Introducing Nigel Irvine, Business Development Specialist

Nigel joins International Trade Matters with more than 30 years’ direct, practical experience of developing product sales and related services in national and international markets. 

Over an extensive international commercial career, Nigel has had direct responsibility for business development, product launch, marketing, and channel management activities across numerous territories within the EU, Africa, Middle East, Asia / Pacific, Central and South American regions. He has had the opportunity to undertake several foreign based assignments, located in England (twice), USA (FL, GA) and The Netherlands, before returning to Ireland. Having obtained substantial exposure to differing business ethos, cultures and attitudes, he can tailor business growth strategies to selected target markets.


Nigel specializes in developing home and export business opportunities for products and services in new or emerging markets. He is highly proficient at:   

  • developing and implementing a practical Export Strategy aligned to a real-world Action Plan for businesses preparing to enter new markets. 
  • defining or realigning a company’s customer facing operations to efficiently fulfill the needs of selected new markets and client segments.   
  • identifying, selecting, developing and performance managing distribution channels (B2B & B2C) 
  • devising and implementing ‘solution-based’ business initiatives that quickly gain real commercial traction in international markets.

He has held senior international roles in the global construction, mining, agricultural and energy industries, having worked with Terex, Massey Ferguson, Textron and Shell.  

He now enables UK and Irish companies to achieve their home grown or export driven growth aspirations.  

Most recently Nigel was, for 14 years, the International Sales and Marketing Director with Terex Finlay, an Irish based construction equipment manufacturer, whose international annual sales grew from US$ 40m to US$ 100m, despite experiencing two major recessions and a global pandemic along the way…

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