Understanding Trade Remedies – An Online Course

Understanding Trade Remedies – An Online Course

Understanding Trade Remedies - An Online Course


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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How much do you know about Trade Remedies?

On Monday 28th June Sarah Hurst of Castle Knight Services will be delivering an online, half day course explaining Trade Remedies in more depth.

Since Brexit the UK now operates its own trade remedies system to deal with dumped and unfairly subsidised imports. The Trade Remedies Authority will have the power to impose tariffs on imports of certain products, which your company may wish to support or oppose. Learn how to participate in a trade remedies investigation from specialist Sarah Hurst, who was involved in developing the system.

This course explains the UK’s trade remedies investigations process and how individual companies can influence the outcome. It includes looking at the definitions of dumping, unfair subsidies and injury that are overseen by the WTO and some of the specific cases that are currently being considered, such as cases on steel products, biodiesel and rainbow trout.

Course contents:
  • What are trade remedies cases?
  • How dumping and unfair subsidies are defined by the UK and the WTO
  • Should your company become involved in a case?
  • Information you would need to provide to argue for or against tariffs on imports
  • What’s happening in specific cases and how this can affect you

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for managers and administrators – including but not only those working in marketing departments – who are concerned about how tariffs on imports could affect their business. Some manufacturing companies may benefit from tariffs on foreign imports, while importers and distributors may wish to oppose these tariffs. It’s essential to be able to react when a case involving a product you make or sell is opened, and to understand how to initiate a new case if this could help you. The entire process is new in the UK since Brexit, because previously the European Commission was responsible for trade remedies cases involving the UK.

The course will run from 9.30am – 12.30pm on Monday 28th June, at a cost of just £50.00 + VAT per delegate.