Navigating The Realities of Brexit – An Online Course.

Navigating The Realities of Brexit – An Online Course.

Navigating The Realities of Brexit - An Online Course.


9:15 am - 12:30 pm

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Post Brexit Blues? We can help!

On Friday 12th March, International Trade Specialists Frances Fawcett and Mike Court will be delivering an online, half day course covering the most asked questions and issues that we have been asked since the UK left the EU last month.

Everyone involved in international trade is getting to grips with a post-Brexit world. Goods are getting stuck in customs, traders are struggling to find partners to help them with what they need, and carriers are tackling new processes with inadequate documentation. All of this is leading to the need for a new understanding of many areas of exporting and importing that businesses just didn’t need to know about in the past.

We have spent the last few months helping businesses prepare for Brexit, and the weeks since January 1st understanding the practical impact of the end of the transition period and the new trade agreement that the UK has with the EU. If you have a question, we’ve probably answered it for someone else. We have now summarised all the questions and issues that we’ve seen into this half day online training.

We can’t promise to cover your industry, but we can promise to provide you with a fuller understanding of how to help your imports and exports reach their destination and travel as smoothly as possible over the various Brexit bumps that are now part of their journey.

The course will run from 9.15am – 12.30pm on Friday 12th March, at a cost of just £220.00 + VAT.