Incoterms® – An Online Course

Incoterms® – An Online Course

Incoterms® - An Online Course


9:30 am - 12:30 pm

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An introduction to Incoterms® and their importance to international trade.

We will help you to understand the history and purpose of Incoterms®, how they are used, the practical issues to be considered, and sources of additional help and information. Commercial matters will also be discussed including the impact of Incoterms® on costs and profitability.

The definition of each Incoterm® will be covered as well as practical topics such why EXW is not suitable for international trade.

An understanding of Incoterms® is fundamental to international trade.

Course Contents:

  • History and background of Incoterms
  • The rules and how to use the terms
  • What they do and what they don’t do
  • A review of each of the terms
  • What’s new in Incoterms® 2020
  • Why EXW is not suitable for international trade and what to use instead
  • Sources of help and advice

Who should attend?

This course is fundamental to anyone involved in international sales and purchases including sales teams, purchasing teams, finance, import and export administrators and managers.

The course is valuable for both newcomers wanting an introduction and overview, and experienced staff needing a refresher on current requirements.

As Incoterms® are so important and widely used in international trade, it is a “must do” course for everyone in international trade.

Each course can also count as a credit towards the British Chamber of Commerce Foundation Award in International Trade.  Candidates attending six or more courses and obtaining six or more credits receive the Award.

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