Free Webinar – The Importance of Incoterms

Free Webinar – The Importance of Incoterms

Free Webinar - The Importance of Incoterms


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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Do you know what you need to know about Incoterms?

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If you are not sure, or have some questions why not join Export Specialist Frances Fawcett, and International Trade Matters Managing Director Linda Middleton-Jones for a free webinar on Thursday 9th July at 9am.

If you are trading internationally, you are using Incoterms. Whether its for export or import, and whether you or your freight forwarder handles the transport, you are using Incoterms.

This free Webinar will explain their importance to the transportation of the goods you buy and sell overseas and highlight some of the areas where things can go wrong. Using an incorrect Incoterm has the potential to put your goods at risk if things go wrong and it’s important that you prevent mistakes before goods are shipped.

Not only will this webinar be useful for those working in Export and Import departments, but also for Sales and Purchasing departments.

Incoterms were updated in 2020 so make sure you and your teams have the latest information – watch below:

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