This full-day practical course provides delegates with the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare and process the documents required for exporting goods overseas

It is fully supported with user friendly and up-to-date notes (including copies of completed documents) to ensure the skills learned can be used effectively back in the workplace.

During the day delegates will study the principles and current industry practices required to ensure that they can process documents thus ensuring they operate both legally and cost effectively. They will study all of the critical documents – and will know how to complete them, what to do with them and why they are preparing them.

Workshop Contents:

• “The Foundations” including a look at information sources, legal requirements, record keeping and software systems.
• The significance of documentary content – with specific reference to Incoterms® 2020, how to prove origin and the commodity code.
• Exporters commercial documents – quotations, invoices and packing lists
• The “origin documents” – including Country of Origin, EUR1s and ATRs
• Further official export documents – export licences, pre-shipment inspection, and C88 SAD
• Dealing with the freight forwarder – including ECSIs, SSNs
• The proof of export documents – including Bills of lading, AWBs and CMR notes.
• Payment mechanisms and a review of the documents needed to ensure payment

This course is aimed at owner/proprietors of small businesses that manage their own export and customs processes and personnel who administer the functions within larger organisations. This includes staff working in export administration, export sales and freight moving who are required to deal with export documents and customs processes within their organisation. The course is valuable for both newcomers wanting an introduction and overview, and experienced staff needing a refresher on current requirements. At the end of the programme, delegates will have received training to ensure they can confidently deal with export documents within their organisation thus ensuring both legal compliance and cost effectiveness for all of their exports.

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