An Exporting Workshop – A Smarter Way to Start!

An Exporting Workshop – A Smarter Way to Start!

An Exporting Workshop - A Smarter Way to Start!

Preparing to export products or services for the first time is a daunting experience for most businesses. Many companies recognise that starting to trade across international markets is very often the essential activity required to scale their operation.

This workshop addresses the key issues businesses should consider when planning to start an Export sales operation. Participants will gain an understanding of how and what to plan for prior to commencing export activities, with instruction on how to mitigate the risks of international trade.

Workshop Contents:

  • Why do businesses export?
  • How to assess and validate an export opportunity.
  • How to position your products / services within export markets.
  • How to develop a robust Export Plan – and why you need one!
  • Essential market entry activities to consider from the start.
  • Sources of help and advice.

Who Should Attend?

This introductory level workshop is suitable for managers, directors, and owners of businesses who want to achieve export driven growth. It will be useful for companies who are currently considering, actively planning, or have just commenced export activities.

This workshop is also valuable for both newcomers wanting an introduction and overview, and for experienced staff needing a refresher on best practice. Essential learning for sales, marketing and business development teams.

Spaces are limited, sign up for your place HERE