Viktoria Kish

Viktoria Kish

Viktoria Kish is a seasoned entrepreneur and strategic advisor with three decades’ experience working with a global community.

Since founding her first company in 1999, Viktoria has excelled in working with complex academic, commercial, and non-profit organizations, driving transformative change through innovative strategy design and implementation. Her career reflects a deep commitment to business for good, community partnerships, and diversity of thought.

Viktoria’s entrepreneurial journey began with the creation of International Study Programs, a global organization specializing in experiential education. Under her leadership, the company expanded to over 60 countries, generated annual revenues exceeding $10 million, and developed a client list including major institutions across Europe, the US, UK, Australia, and Asia. Her ability to build a strong management team and cultivate a distinctive company culture has been key to the company’s success.

In 2021, Viktoria founded The Global Exec, where she has led impactful projects, including the design of leadership institutes in the Middle East and South Africa, strategic planning for a transforming winery, and business planning for an ESG consultancy. Her work in education design and learning methodologies has been instrumental in developing C-level teams in Europe and Africa.

Viktoria’s leadership extends to several board roles. She serves as Chair of the SME Committee and Board Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, and as a Non-Executive Director for startups in the procurement and digital media sectors.

Her advisory roles include mentoring founders of luxury engineering brands and providing strategic insights to the Royal Holloway School of Management on international business educational trends.

Colleagues and collaborators commend Viktoria for her visionary leadership and empathetic approach, her intelligence and exceptional communication skills, strategic acumen and professional empathy, her ability to navigate complex changes and bring vision to reality.

With a proven track record of fostering growth, innovation, and sustainable practices, Viktoria Kish continues to be a transformative leader in international trade and education. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to diversity and community partnerships inspire leaders worldwide.