Is this really the right time to start an export journey?

Is this really the right time to start an export journey?

Well, YES, of course it is, and here’s why…

Regardless of whether your (post-Brexit) Export glass is half-full or half-empty, with some insightful preparation and planning, the World really can (and will) become your Oyster.

Nigel Irvine, International Business Development Specialist explains…

Achieving export driven growth is just one of several ‘essential elements’ businesses can use to successfully scale their operation. However, failing to plan it properly can (and usually is) a costly mistake.

Get this wrong and you will severely reduce anticipated sales from high potential markets and destroy any appetite for an export operation within the business, for a long time.

BUT – don’t be disheartened – preparing your business to export its products or services should (and usually can) be a straightforward, exciting, and very rewarding activity.

To get started you just have to REALLY UNDERSTAND a few basic facts about:

  • your company – and WHY it wants (or needs) an export operation.
    • Is there available manufacturing over capacity, or excess inventory, or the need to achieve economies of scale, or are you just reacting to an unsolicited request for products?
  • your products  – and what makes them different and competitive.
    • Have you established some truly unique selling points with a range of robust features and benefits, that are easily differentiated from the local competitors?  
  • your customers – and what they really want (or need) you to give them.
    • Does your product offer a relevant and valued technical advantage, cost benefit or improved service solution which meets the real needs of the local clients? 
  • your target markets – and how best to get your product available and supported locally.
    • Have you prioritised the potential new markets, or decided upon the appropriate business model which best supports your product or service offering (eg. direct sales vs. indirect sales utilising a channel partner)

In today’s increasingly complex world, this ‘Marketing Mix’ (the set of marketing tools that a business uses to sell products or services to its target customers) has been expanded from the rudimentary 4P’s to the 7P’s, 8P’s, 9P’s, and of course, not forgetting the additional 4C’s and 7C’s…  (go on …Google them, if you dare).

But, no matter how complicated (or daunting) your export journey may seem, the Export Specialists at International Trade Matters can (and will) cut through the issues to get your business exporting successfully, and sooner than you thought….  

Just remember –

“Inch by inch. Life is a cinch.

Yard by yard. Life is hard.”

— John Updike, Rabbit Redux

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