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The marine and maritime sector pervades almost every aspect of Britain’s trade.

In a straw poll taken by International Trade Matters, people were asked what percentage of world trade is carried out by sea and the answers varied greatly. Only one in ten respondents came close to the estimated correct figure of 90%. However, the role of marine operations has diversified and the increasing use of offshore energy has created a great demand for support vessels. As gas fields have become decommissioned, offshore wind farms have increased, and tidal energy is also destined to increase.

Several International Trade Matters specialists have been involved as experts in the annual Maritime Employment Fair at Plymouth University, and are well placed to advise on all aspects of maritime business.

Environmental solutions for the industry

There is a belated appreciation of the dangers of ocean plastics, but, with one large container ship creating as much pollution as 50 million vehicles, it is only a question of time before society recognises the importance of clean technology solutions to reduce emissions from ships and to prevent the transfer of invasive species in their ballast water and in organisms that attach themselves to the hull.  With a clear understanding of these issues, International Trade Matters Ltd is able to advise and assist companies.