“I can not overemphasize the importance of creating a standard quotation template that clearly and concisely covers and addresses all aspects of a potential sale – from products, Incoterms, taxes, duties, through to legal jurisdiction, payment terms and currency, etc. – as this is the easiest and most effective way to ensure there is no ambiguity from seller to the potential buyer, whether they are in the UK, Europe or further afield. Basically creating a non-disputable record, and a starting point that makes it easy for all parties to negotiate from.

Linda helped us to gain the perfect balance for all of the above; creating a quotation template that supplied all the required information, T’s & C’s and costs without losing the reader’s attention – from start to finish.  

I can also confirm the non-disputable record aspect of these quotations has resolved quite a few so called ‘client misunderstandings’, since we created our new quotation template (quickly, effectively and without argument).”