Darglow Engineering

Darglow Engineering

Precision technology for a world-spanning client base

Darglow Engineering Ltd was founded in 1972 and the company is a specialist supplier of low drag propellers for sailing yachts. They manufacture FeatherStream feathering propellers, supply Flexofold folding propellers, and offer a full range of in-house propeller repair services. They pride themselves in giving their customers individual attention, backed up by in-depth knowledge from a small and friendly team.


Experienced import/exporters with a uniquely complex challenge

As suppliers to sailing yacht owners, Darglow customers are moving around all over the world. It is common to accept an order from one port and location and deliver the final goods to a different location. Darglow products are built to specific requirements and often to replace an old or damaged propeller with exact measurements that must be replicated. Customers therefore frequently return propellers for replacement or repair. Darglow manufacture most of their products and import from overseas suppliers.

With a customer base all over the world and suppliers overseas, the team at Darglow had processed numerous export sales, returns, and imports over the years. They had built experience of trading requirements and established processes for tracking their international activities. The departure of the UK from the EU prompted them to review their policies and processes and, with suppliers in the EU, they were keen to learn about changes.

Having assessed public training courses available, they concluded that a bespoke training provision would meet their exact needs better and prove more time – and cost – efficient.

How International Trade Matters Ltd helped

Our International Trade Specialist held a tailoring call with Darglow to learn about current activities and knowledge levels. This information was then used to build bespoke training to cover the topics that Darglow needed and recognising that the team already had experience and processes in place.

The training was delivered at a time and place that worked most effectively for Darglow and was able to not only provide instruction that was needed, but also review the processes that were already in place and information from current suppliers.


Darglow were able to answer questions about international trade issues during the training and took away a series of tasks they could implement to improve processes and ensure compliance. The team had extensive experience of international trade processes before the training, so a key benefit was to understand the wider context of these processes. This equips them to be better at troubleshooting if things go wrong, and to advise their customers on options that are available. This is particularly important when handling returned items and ensuring only the correct duties and taxes are paid.

“Information given was clear and very useful. An effective use of time!!”

Rose Lawrence, Director

ITM training is assessed through a formal feedback process and we were delighted to see that Darglow gave a rating of “Excellent” for all aspects of the content, trainer’s knowledge, and clarity of explanations.

“Friendliness of the staff, excellent in knowledge on all topics discussed, information was well presented and given in a clear and easy to digest way.”

Kirsty Simper, Export Coordinator