International Trade Matters Ltd offers training to suit you at every level

With numerous years of training experience and a range of existing training modules in our product line, we have all the tools needed to develop bespoke training programmes to meet the needs of individual companies.

We assess your environment including your current and planned international strategy, number of staff members and current skill levels.

We then develop a programme delivered at your premises or at an off-site location to provide the level, frequency and range of training that meets the needs of your team.

No two bespoke training courses are the same but they are consistently highly rated by our customers at a company and delegate level.


For more specific, one-off training needs, or as part of a programme, we have a range of workshops that can be tailored to your requirements

How does it work?

Your workshop is delivered on-site at your premises (or a suitable external location*) and is typically a half-day event.

The highly interactive workshop will be designed to leave you with new skills and a defined plan, ready to implement. The plan will have been developed by the Workshop attendees as a team which naturally leads to the greatest chance of success.

Contact us using the form below to arrange a one-hour tailoring call.

We will discuss your goals, assess where help can be provided and agree an area of support as the basis of the workshop

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